STA Giving Day

March 8-10, 2021

Because of YOU,
an STA student will have a chance to shine.

Because of YOU,
a young woman will be inspired to change the world!

This Giving Day, STA alumnae, parents, students, friends and faculty/staff:

made 735 gifts

contributed $92,797

In addition, many contributed through numerous challenges and matches that made these results possible.

We couldn't have done it without you!

From the bottom of our hearts,
thank you.

See final results here.

Many STA supporters made gifts in honor of a friend or family member, or in memory of a loved one. STA would like to acknowledge them here.
In addition STA recognizes the many graduation classes, causes and unnamed family members, classmates and friends who you honored through your support.

In honor of/In memory of:
*denotes deceased

John & Eleanor Antonello
Mrs. Lisa Dibble
Pat Dunlay*
Mary Jane Fitzsimmons
Pat Gallagher
Mary Anne Hoecker*
Amanda Johnson
Grace Wrape*
Dorothy Dugan Reardon (’35)*
Rita Dobel Perll (’37)*
Helen Dierks Neenan (‘39)*
Janice Neenan Clarkson (‘42)*
Grace Brown Teson (’43)*
Betty Ziegler Broski (‘50)* 
Mary Jo Giudici O’Byrne (’53)
Peggy Gramlich Baker (’57)
Susan Reardon Lance (’57)*
Sharon O’Connor Potts (’57)
Christy Stewart Marsh (’67)*
Mary Nestor Casey (’68)*
Dorothy Carly Castrop (’68)*
Pat McMahon LeGrand (‘68)*
Sally Eagan Euston (‘69)*
Ramona Hessel (‘69)*
Pat McKay Sullivan (’69)*
Karen Pecis (’69)*
Jan Stephenson (‘71)
Katy Glynn Terry (’71)*
Mary Ann Higgins Craven (‘74)*
Mary Egan Shelby (‘74)*
Clara Bauer (‘76)
Nancy Teson (’76)*
Preppy Panda (’77)
Moira Kelly Healy (’78)
Andrea Young Nabors (’79)*
Lilly Bustillo Atcheson (’81)
Kathy Gorman (‘83)*
Mary Carol Schmidt (’83)*
Katie Bax Richardson (’85)*
Heidi Schloegl Hynes (’86)*
Megan Fitzgerald Schaefer (’89)
Lara Phelps Dwyer (’92)*
Eileen Teahan (‘92)*
Amy Aldrich (‘96)

Jacque Curry (’01)*
Megan Madden Blaufuss (‘02)
Keisha Clay (’03)*
Kate Christian (‘08)
Katie Drummond (’08)
Nnedima Anya (’09)*
Christina Barton (’12)
Andie Drummond (’13)
Becca Lueke (‘13)*
Ally Drummond (’15)
Liz Barton (’17)
Claire Faulkner (’21)
Ava Fitzgerald (’21)
Maggie McInerney (’21)
Hayley Melland (‘21)
Sydney Melland (‘21)
Alisha Mulvaney (‘21)
Elizabeth Parra (’21)
Victoria Scheuer (’21)
Maggie Armstrong (‘22)
Amelia Arrieta (’22)
Janie Eckles (’22)
Iris Kline (‘22)
Annalisa Monteleone (‘22)
Matilda Robertson (’22)
Siena Rodriguez (‘22)
Sofia Salinardi (‘22)
Emery Danker (‘23)
Dianna Lawhead (‘23)
Ava Martinez (‘23)
Veda Renzulli (’23)
Genevie Triplett (’23)
Helen Barron (’24)
Ellie Buckley (‘24)
Alice Coates (‘24)
Lila Duus (’24)
Lillie Grever (’24)
Annie McShane (‘24)
Margot Randall (‘24)
Isabella Salinardi (‘24)
Jane Satterwhite (’24)
Marygrace Seymour (’24)
Gabi Vovk (’24)
​Veronica Wilson (’24)